1. What is meant by
    "limited-edition print"?

    In classic, lithographic printing, an edition is the number of prints drawn from one plate. Likewise today, the notion of a" limited edition" is associated with a fixed number of impressions produced on the understanding that no further copies will be produced later on.

  2. Wrong Idea of Abstract

    When surfing through Internet sites intended to encourage artists to show their work, I am surprised at some people's concept of the word "abstract". Is there any real "law"? Not exactly, every painter has the right to interpret the term at his or her own will. However, in the course of the last century, certain guide lines were established in the art world as to what "abstract art" imports. Moreover, we can always fall back on the verbal dictionary definitions. "Having only intrinsic form with no attempt at pictorial representation", is what Webster's dictionary states.





abstract Drawing on Paper:

Vectorial art by Brian D. Morrison - Page 1 of 3

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Mag-Calli Mag-Calli # 1
ink on paper,40 x 50 cm
J'étais roi J'étais roi # 2
collage,plus ink

Gestual-X Gestual-X # 3
, 42 x 55 cm

Douceur # 4
, 42 x 59 cm
Prize: Federation Nationale de la Culture Francaise, 2013


Authority from above Authority from above # 5
, 42 x 59 cm
Come let us wallow Come let us wallow
# 6
, 40 x 55 cm
ink, pastel on paper 200g
Homage to Rennie

Homage to Rennie of Glasgow
# 7
, 40 x 50 cm

Hilltop House Hilltop House # 8
t, 42 x 59 cm
You are being watched # 9


Fandango # 10
ink on paper
42 x 59 cm


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Nomination for the "TOILE D'OR 2013" by the French FEDERATION NATIONALE DE LA CULTURE. The painting "Douceur" by Brian D. Morrison.

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Mag-Calli, large J'etais roi Gestual_X_Big Authority, larger Wallow, larger Rennie, larger Hilltop, larger Douceur large Watched Fandango